CROWN 6V 225Ah (1,350Wh) Lead-Acid Deep Cycle Battery

Renewable Solar Power Energy Lead-Acid Battery - 6CRP290

The Crown 6CRP290 flooded deep-cycle battery is the most compact in the line of Crown's 6-volt renewable solar power energy batteries. It provides 290Ah at 100-hour load and 225Ah at 20-hour load. Heavy active lead plates used in the design of this 6v battery guarantee improved performance characteristics and long-lasting reliability. The durable design of the case and heat-sealed cell cover prevent possible leakage, and lifting lugs on the sides of the casing provide easier and safer handling.

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Crown 6V 225Ah Flooded Deep-Cycle Battery Features and Specifications:

  • Battery Type: Flooded Lead-Acid Battery
  • Application: Renewable Energy Storage
  • Standard Terminals
  • BCI Group Number (Size): GC2
  • Model Number: 6CRP290
  • Voltage: 6
  • 100 HR Amp Hours: 290
  • 20 HR Amp Hours: 225
  • 100 HR kWh: 1.6878
  • 20 HR kWh: 1.3095
  • Length (Inches): 10.25
  • Width (Inches): 7.13
  • Container Height (Inches): 9.75
  • Overall Height (Inches): 10.75
  • Length (mm): 260
  • Width (mm): 181
  • Container Height (mm): 247
  • Overall Height (mm): 273
  • Weight (Lbs): 63
  • Weight (Kgs): 29
  • Made in the USA