CROWN-1 2V 1200Ah (2,400Wh) AGM Sealed Deep-Cycle Battery

High-Amp-Hour Maintenance-Free Lead-Acid Battery

The Crown 2CRV1200 2V sealed deep-cycle battery is a high-amp-hour AGM battery that is capable of providing 1200Ah at 20-hour and 862Ah at five-hour rates. The reliable sealed casing and cell cover design of this 2-volt AGM battery ensures spill-free and safe operation. In addition to maintenance-free use and high levels of safety, this battery offers greater tolerance to deep discharge and high recharging performance due to advanced plate construction.  This battery is designed for when you need a serious storage solution like a solar system or other renewable energy system.

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Crown-1 2V 1200Ah (2,400Wh) Sealed AGM Deep-Cycle Battery Features and Specifications:

  • Battery Type: Sealed AGM Battery
  • Application: Renewable Energy, Marine, Electric & Recreational Vehicles
  • Model Number: 2CRV1200
  • Electrical Capacity at 20-Hour Rate: 1200Ah
  • Electrical Capacity at 5-Hour Rate: 892Ah
  • RC Minutes: 800 / 75A
  • Terminal Type: Dual S/S threaded insert w/ fasteners (2- pos, 2-neg)
  • Length (Inches): 11.62
  • Width (Inches): 7.01
  • Container Height (Inches): 15.91
  • Terminal Height (Inches): 16.10
  • Length (mm): 295
  • Width (mm): 178
  • Container Height (mm): 404
  • Terminal Height (mm): 409
  • Weight (Lbs): 130
  • Weight (Kgs): 59.1
  • Made in the USA

CROWN-1 2V 1200Ah (2,400Wh) Sealed AGM Deep-Cycle Battery Charging Parameters:

  • Bulk Charge (Volts):
    • 12V System: 14.4-14.7V
    • 24V System:  28.8-29.4V
    • 48V System: 57.6-58.8V
  • Absorption Charge (Volts):
    • 12V System: 14.8V
    • 24V System: 29.6V
    • 48V System: 59.3V
  • Float Charge (Volts):
    • 12V System: 13.2V
    • 24V System: 26.4V
    • 48V System: 52.8V