GoPower! TS-50M 50A Automatic Transfer Switch

The GoPower! TS-50M Automatic Transfer Switch is typically installed to allow both your inverter and shore power / generator to alternatively feed the circuits and it prevents AC back feed (thus protecting your inverter). This Go Power! 50 amp transfer switch provides automatic power switching between two separate 120/240 volt AC input sources.

It automatically connects shore power (when available) to your AC breaker panel. When unplugged from Shore power, it then connects your inverter / generator output to power your AC breaker panel. The TS-50 is a double pole switch for 50 amp services with two separate 120 VAC legs.

Voltage Rating- 120/240V

Current Rating (Line)- 50A

Current Rating (Neutral)- 70A

Dominant Source- Generator (Selectable delay)

Open Neutral Protection- No

Reverse Polarity Protection- No

Safety Interlocks- Mechanical & Electrical

Under Voltage Protection- No

Over Voltage Protection- No

Multi Mode Surge Protection- No

Total Surge Energy Rating- None

Total Surge Current Rating- None


Dimensions (LxWxH)- 9.4" x 7" x 4.4"

Weight- 7lbs