CROWN 6V 395Ah (2,370Wh) Lead-Acid Battery

Crown 6V 395Ah Renewable Energy Battery - 6CRP525

6V Flooded Lead-Acid Deep-Cycle Battery With 395Ah Capacity

The Crown 6CRP525 is the highest-capacity flooded deep-cycle battery in the line of 6-Volt Crown renewable energy batteries. It is capable of providing 525Ah at 100-hour load and 395Ah at 20-hour load. Like other batteries in this line, it has heavy active lead plates providing better performance and an extended lifetime. The design of this high-capacity deep-cycle battery combines rugged cell construction and a heat-sealed cell cover for additional durability and leakage-free use.

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Crown 6V 395Ah Deep-Cycle Battery Features and Specifications:

  • Battery Type: Flooded Lead-Acid Battery
  • Application: Renewable Energy Storage
  • Standard Terminals
  • Battery Fitted With Handle or Lifting Lug
  • BCI Group Number (Size): 903
  • Model Number: 6CRP525
  • Voltage: 6
  • 100 HR Amp Hours: 525
  • 20 HR Amp Hours: 395
  • 100 HR kWh: 3.0577
  • 20 HR kWh: 2.2989
  • Length (Inches): 12.38
  • Width (Inches): 7.19
  • Container Height (Inches): 15.13
  • Overall Height (Inches): 16.13
  • Length (mm): 314
  • Width (mm): 183
  • Container Height (mm): 384
  • Overall Height (mm): 410
  • Weight (Lbs): 120
  • Weight (Kgs): 54
  • Made in the USA