VMAX XTR6-235 6Volts 235AH Deep Cycle, XTREME AGM Battery.

XTR6-235 is a 6-volt, 235Ah (Ampere-hour) deep cycle Xtreme AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) battery. This type of battery is designed for applications where deep cycling and long-lasting performance are essential.

Nominal Voltage- 6V

20He Capacity- 235AH

CCA- 1100A

MCA- 1400A

RC (min)- 500

Energy (KWH)- 1.550

Terminal Posts- SAE+5/16" STUD

Dimensions- 10.2"w x 7.3"d x 10.2"h

Weight- 78lb

Charging Current- 15A-65A

Charging Voltage- 7.2V-7.35V

Float Voltage- 6.8V-6.9V

Group Size- GC2