5 Blade 3000W 48V Tumo-Int Wind Turbine Generator with MPPT

FREE Shipping in the US and Canada!  This 3000W wind turbine produces up to a 3500W peak output and comes with an MPPT hybrid charge controller.  Using 5 patented aerofoil blades, it utilizes a symmetrical and twisted aerodynamic design.  The generator housing is made of aluminum alloy and cast with minimal tolerance as well as being sealed with a high quality sealant.  Speed control is accomplished using both aerodynamic and electromagnetic braking.  The patented rotor is made of a high quality stainless steel rotor shaft and is attached with a permanent neodymium magnet.

  • Rated output:  3000W
  • Peak output:  3500W
  • Rated voltage:  DC48/110V
  • Start up @ 5.6 mph
  • Rated @ 26.8mph
  • Survival @ 133mph
  • Tower installation:  flange or bolt- on clamp 
  • Blade material:  reinforce nylon glass fiber
  • Generator material:  aluminum allow
  • Over speed control:  electromagnetic
  • Working temperature:  -40°C to 60°C
  • Certified:  CE, RoHS, ETL, ISO9001:2000