CROWN-1 6V 390Ah (2,340Wh) AGM Sealed Deep-Cycle Battery

High-Amp-Hour Maintenance-Free Lead-Acid Battery

The Crown 6CRV390 6V sealed deep-cycle battery is a high-amp-hour AGM battery that is capable of providing 390Ah at 20-hour and 315Ah at five-hour rates. The reliable sealed casing and cell cover design of this 6-volt AGM battery ensures spill-free and safe operation. In addition to maintenance-free use and high levels of safety, this battery offers greater tolerance to deep discharge and high recharging performance due to advanced plate construction. This all-around AGM deep-cycle battery can be used for a wide variety of applications, such as solar power storage, as well as in boats, golf carts and recreational vehicles.

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Crown-1 6V 390Ah Sealed AGM Deep-Cycle Battery Features and Specifications:

  • Battery Type: Sealed AGM Battery
  • Application: Renewable Energy, Marine, Electric & Recreational Vehicles
  • BCI Group Number (Size): 903
  • Model Number: 6CRV390
  • Electrical Capacity at 20-Hour Rate: 390
  • Electrical Capacity at 5-Hour Rate: 315
  • RC Minutes: 255 / 75A
  • Terminal Type: Standard
  • Length (Inches): 11.62
  • Width (Inches): 7.01
  • Container Height (Inches): 15.91
  • Terminal Height (Inches): 16.75
  • Length (mm): 295
  • Width (mm): 178
  • Container Height (mm): 404
  • Terminal Height (mm): 430
  • Weight (Lbs): 127
  • Weight (Kgs): 57.5
  • Made in the USA