Micro-Air EasyStart™ 364 Installation Kit

Don't forget to buy the installation kit for your Micro-Air Easy Start™ 364 (3-TON) Soft Starter. This is a generic kit for a professional or DIY installing the Micro-Air. It contains, solar panel grade 3M double-sided tape, crimps, wires, and connectors needed for a EasyStart 364 install on any rooftop A/C. Keep in mind, it is possible to have pieces left over from your kit. This will depend on the model of your A/C unit. 

  • Crimp terminals for wiring in your EasyStart
  • 3M Double-sided Foam Tape
  • Plastic bushing (split)
  • Extra #14 AWG wire (for pigtail from relay, if applicable)
  • Zip ties