Micro-Air EasyStart Breeze RV Soft Starter

  • Compatible with both RV rooftop and basement air conditioners.
  • Significant reduction of up to 75% in starting current. 
  • Real-time fault detection technology is available to accurately identify and prevent issues immediately. 
  • 40% reduction in enclosure size when compared to our 364 model.
  • Silences the start-up noise of your AC, say goodbye to those bumps in the night. 
  • Perfect power solution for small to medium-sized generators.
  • Self-optimizing learning process for a smooth and gentle start-up, a true smart soft starter.
  • Unique water-resistant and UV-protected enclosure, the smallest in the industry.
  • Supports 115V RC AC Motors and 230V Marine AC Motors.

Voltage- 100-125VAC 50-60Hz

Transparent Enclosure- 5.75" x 3.50" x 2.00"

Harness- 40"

Weight- 1.5lbs