Mounting Brackets with Tilt Bars for Hightec Solar Panels (160W-210W+)

These mounting brackets with Tilt Bars are custom made to be used with Hightec Solar Panels ranging from 160W - 210W+.  Made of powder-coated aluminum for superior aesthetics and corrosion resistance, they are sure to last a very, very long time.  Utilizing individual L-brackets provides a simple, effective way to install your Hightec Solar panels on a flat or curved roof.  Tilting is made easy with the help of the rosette knob screws instead of using bolts and wing nuts. 

Panels can be tilted in either direction!  Now you can harvest more power in the morning and the evening!

We also use Delta Protekt® TEC Bolt Securing Lock Washers for superior vibration resistance.  These TEC washers stand up to vibration better than any lock nut or lock washer!!  You can remain confident that your panels will stay on the roof throughout your travels.  See the vibration test video here.

The brackets also come with the 3M 4950 VHB Tape already installed on the bottom of each bracket for an extra secure fit.


  • Made in the USA
  • Allows for 3" of clearance between the solar panel and the roof
    • Compared to the 1" or less from cheaper mounts
    • More clearance = better airflow to cool the solar panel
    • Taller sizes available upon request
  • White, powder-coated aluminum
    • Enhanced corrosion resistance
    • Better aesthetics
  • 1/4" Stainless steel hex nuts and bolts (Grade 18-8)
    • 1/4" S/S bolts used for fixed applications
    • Rosette-style knob with stainless steel screw used for tilt applications
  • #10 (5/16" head) Stainless steel hex washer head screws (Grade 18-8)
    • Won't strip out like Phillips-drive screws
    • Coarse threads for better grip
  • 3M™ 4950 VHB™ Tape used on the L-brackets for additional security
  • 1/4" Delta Protekt® TEC Bolt Securing Lock Washers for superior vibration resistance (better than any lock washer or lock nut!)  Watch the vibration test video here!
  • 19.5" tilt bars with 1/4"-20 threaded inserts
  • Designed to tilt in both directions