Newpowa 220W 12V Monocrystalline Solar Panel


Type- NPA220S-12J

Power Output- 220W

Voltage MPP Vmp- 17.52V

Current MPP Imp- 12.60A

Voltage Open Circuit Voc- 20.52V

Short Circuit Current Isc- 13.41A

Temperature Coefficient Of Voc- -[80±10]mV/°C

Temperature Coefficient Of Isc- [0.065±0.015]%/°C

Temperature Coefficient Of Power- -[0.5±0.05]%/°C

NOCT (Air 20°C; Sun 0.8kW/m² Wind 1/m/s)- 47±2°C

STC: 1000W/m² Irradiance, 25°C module temperature, AM 1.5g spectrum according to EN 60904-3


Cells- Monocrystalline silicon

Solar Cells Grade- Class A High Efficiency

Module Dimensions- 56.69" x 30.12" x 1.38"

Weight- 26.62lb

Packing Information- 58.27" x 30.12" 2.56"


  • 2- Year Limited Material and Parts Workmanship Warranty
  • 10- Year 90% Output Warranty
  • 25- Year 80% Output Warranty