Progressive Dynamics Inteli-Power 9100L Series RV Converter and Lithium Battery Chargers - 24V

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The 24V Version of the Progressive Dynamics 9100L Series of Inteli-Power chargers are a great, low cost option that are designed to meet the stringent voltage requirements for properly charging & maintaining 24V lithium ion battery chemistries.

  • Manufactured and Serviced in the USA!
  • Reverse Battery Protection – Prevents charger damage if battery connections are accidently reversed.
  • Provides Filtered DC Power – Ensures proper lithium Battery Management System (BMS) operation.
  • Electronic Current Limiting – Automatically reduces output voltage to prevent overheating and possible damage.
  • High and Low Voltage Protection – Prevents charger damage from AC input voltage fluctuations.
  • Automatic Thermal Protection – Reduces charger output to safe levels if unit temperature exceeds safe levels pre-set limits and protects charger damage due to excessive heat.
  • Intelligent Cooling Fan – Operates only under high load conditions.
  • The PD9100L Series Units Can Be Connected in Parallel – To increase charging current.
  • The PD9100L Series Units Can Also Be Wired in Series – To provide proper charging for 48-Volt battery systems.
  • Electronic current limiting automatically reduces output voltage when maximum capacity is exceed. Protects your investment.
  • Low line voltage protection automatically shuts converter down if input voltage is insufficient.
  • Output voltage can be Factory Adjusted to meet OEM requirements for various lithium ion battery chemistries and Voltages. Standard “L” Series voltages are set for 29.2 - Volts to meet requirements for lithium iron phosphate batteries. Other chemistries may require different voltages.
  • 2 year limited warranty.
  • US Patent 7,782,002
  • UL Listed
  • Charging Current:  
    • 25A  (PD9125-24LV)
    • 40A  (PD9140-24ALV)
  • AC Input Voltage Range:  105VAC - 130VAC
  • AC Input Frequency Range:  50Hz / 60Hz
  • Charging Voltage:  29.2V
  • Dimensions:
    • 4.5"H x 8.63"L x 7.25"W - 4.5lbs (PD9125-24LV)
    • 3.6"H x 11.65"L x 9"W - 7.5lbs (PD9140-24ALV)