Rooftop PV Combiner Box (waterproof) with Strain Reliefs

This waterproof, rooftop PV combiner box is a great option for efficiently combining solar cables while sealing off the roof penetration.  This roof mount combiner box uses two large bus bars that will handle cable sizes ranging from from 10AWG up to 1/0 cable.  It also comes with ten standard, molded, 1/2" knock-outs, a positive and negative bus bar and strain reliefs (not pictured).  Extra bus bars can be purchased to combine more solar or to add a second system using the same combiner box.


  • Dimesnsions:
    • 1.9" H x 11.61" W x 5.87" D
  • (4) Strain reliefs and lock nuts included (not pictured)
  • Nylon 0.25" - 0.5" (cable DIA, one hole, male pipe thread.)