Sterling Power Battery to Battery Charger 12V Input to 24V Output

Input Voltage Range- 9V - 16V

Input Current Rating- 120A

Output Current Rating- 60A @ 29V

Reverse Current Rating- 50A @ 13.4V (Max)

Continuous Rated Output Power- 1700W

Continuous Rated Input Power- 1800W

Quiescent Current- 5mA

Efficiency Rating- 95% - 98%

Self Recovering Protections- Under Voltage Protection, Input Over Voltage Protection, Output Over Voltage Protection, Over Current Protection, Charge Over Temperature.

Operational Temperature Range- -4°F - >140°F

Approval- CE | UKCA

E-Marking 24*10R06/01*3789*00

Cooling Method- Thermostatically Controlled Variable low speed fan

Dimensions- 10.62" x 5.11" x 2.87"

Weight- 3.96lbs