Tilt Kit for Hightec Solar Panel Mounting Brackets (160W-210W+)

This Tilt Kit is for the mounting brackets which are custom made to be used with Hightec Solar Panels ranging from 160W - 210W+.  The tilt bars are made of powder-coated aluminum for superior aesthetics and corrosion resistance.  Tilt your solar panels towards the sun and harvest more power! 

This Tilt Kit also uses the same Delta Protekt® TEC Bolt Securing Lock Washers which stand up to vibration better than any lock nut or lock washer!!  See the vibration test video here.


  • White, powder-coated, 1/4" thick aluminum
  • Tilt bars are 19.5" long
  • Rosette-style knob with stainless steel screw
  • 1/4" Delta Protekt® TEC Bolt Securing Lock Washers for superior vibration resistance (better than any lock washer or lock nut!)  Watch the vibration test video here!
  • Mount directly to the L-brackets and solar brackets utilizing the 1/4"-20 threaded inserts and rosette knob screws