Victron Energy 58V MEGA-Fuse for 48V Systems

The Victron Energy MEGA-Fuses are commonly used in the Victron Energy DC Distribution Systems like the Lynx Distributor, etc.  The 32V fuses come in a 5-pack and are ideal for 12V and 24V DC systems.  The 58V fuses are sold individually and are ideal for 48V DC systems.

When used in conjunction with the Lynx Distributor, they become a solution that can be a very cost effective alternative to busbars and alternative fuses and holders. 

Victron Energy MEGA-Fuse Approximate Voltage Drop:

  • MEGA fuse 125A/58V:  90mV
  • MEGA fuse 200A/58V:  80mV
  • MEGA fuse 250A/58V:  80mV
  • MEGA fuse 300A/58V:  80mV

Victron Energy MEGA-Fuse Cold Resistance:

  • MEGA fuse 125A/58V:  0.4 mΩ
  • MEGA fuse 200A/58V:  0.25 mΩ
  • MEGA fuse 250A/58V:  0.2 mΩ
  • MEGA fuse 300A/58V:  0.17 mΩ