Victron Energy Bus Bars with Cover

Victron Energy offers a range of busbars with covers as part of their electrical distribution and connection solutions for various applications, including solar power systems, marine setups, and more. Busbars are used to consolidate and distribute electrical connections in a neat and organized manner.

Max. Current- 600A

Max. Voltage- 70 VDC

Terminal Diameter- 3/8 inch

Terminal Height- 0.76 Inch

Terminal Material- Stainless Steel

Flange Nut Material- Stainless Steel

Recommended Torque- 180 Ibf-inch 

Screw Terminals- Diameter #8 (0.164 inch)

Screw Material- Stainless Steel

Recommended Torque- 17 Ibf-inch

Busbar Material-  Tin-plated copper (19 x 24mm)

Base Material- ABS,  Black, UL 94V-0

Cover Material- 

  • 600A 70V-4- ABS, Black, UL94 V-0
  • 600A 70V-8- ABS, Black, UL94 V-2


  • 600A 70V-4- 1.7lbs
  • 600A 70V-8- 2.9lbs

Dimensions (HxWxD)- 

  • 600A 70V-4- 2.6" x 8.5" x 3.4"
  • 600A 70V-8- 2.6" x 12.9" x 3.4"

Dimensions With Cover (HxWxD)- 

  • 600A 70V-4- 65 x 216 x 86mm
  • 600A 70V-8- 65 x 327 x 86mm