U.S. Solar Panel Manufacturer Receives Best In Class PTC Ratings

February 16, 2017

U.S. Solar Panel Manufacturer Receives Best In Class PTC Ratings

What in the world is a PTC Rating?  Well, think of this way, PTC is a way to test solar modules (solar panels) under real world conditions (i.e. heat, wind, etc.).  Before a solar panel leaves a factory, it is usually tested under Standard Test Conditions (STC).  This testing occurs in a temperature controlled environment using fake sunlight.  This test is helpful to monitor the output of the solar module and ensure that everything is working correctly.  But the outside environment is not terribly predictable, let alone temperature-controlled.

PVUSA Test Conditions (PTC), offer a more "real world" scenario for solar module testing.  Modules are now introduced to wind and higher temperatures to evaluate how they really perform.  While this testing method does not account for all potential real world losses in your PV array, it gives a more accurate picture as to how solar panels with perform out in the weather. 

Here is quote from Mission Solar Energy's blog:

"Third-party testing for the listing was conducted by Renewable Energy Test Center (RETC), a leading module testing facility. Testing indicates that Mission Solar Energy modules feature a PTC rating that exceeds other American solar panel manufacturers. The higher a PTC rating, the more energy a module is proven to produce in real world conditions."

Here are the Mission Solar Energy PTC Rating Results:

Product Model # STC*/Name Plate PTC** PTC/STC (%)
MSE PERC 60 MSE295SQ5T 295 272.2 92.3%
MSE PERC 72 MSE360SQ4S 360 332.2 92.3%


Now on the California Energy Commission’s (CEC) listing of modules,  Mission Solar Energy has two new solar products that are eligible for incentive rebates. The MSE PERC 72 and the MSE PERC 60 modules are now more likely to be eligible for solar rebate programs across the U.S.

For more information on these solar modules from Mission Solar Energy, click here or contact us at sales@continuousresources.com.

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