About Us

Continuous Resources, LLC was started with the idea of making the best use of the resources that are available.  As technology grows, so will we.  We distribute products like solar panels, batteries, pure sine wave inverters, charge controllers, generators, etc. but plan to continually expand our product line.  

The President/CEO of Continuous Resources, LLC actually began the journey with CNBOU America specializing in pure sine wave inverters and other solar products.  CNBOU America was later acquired by Continuous Resources, LLC.

CNBOU America is a Continuous Resources, LLC company and is a distributor of CNBOU products in North America. We provide technical support, warranty and non-warranty repair service for customers throughout the region.

CNBOU Technology is a high-tech enterprise specializing in Research and Development, Production, and Sales of solar energy products.

CNBOU products are distributed to many countries around the world. CNBOU Technology has its own R&D center, which includes software, hardware, and structural engineers.