VMAX XTR31-135 12Volts, 135AH Deep Cycle, Solar AGM Battery

This is a  rechargeable 12-Volt 135ah Extreme AGM battery. These batteries are constructed with superior plates and have an expected life span of 10 to 12 years in float service applications. 

Nominal Voltage:  12V

20Hr Capacity:  135AH

CCA:  730A

MCA:  920A

RC (min):  265

Energy (KWH):  1.8

Terminal Posts:  8mm (Included

Dimensions:  13"w x 6.8"d x 8.4"h

Weight: 77lb

Charging Current:  10A-35A

Charging Voltage:  14.4V-14.9V

Float Voltage:  13.5V-13.8V

Group Size:  31