4/0 Arctic Ultraflex Battery Cable (priced per foot)

  • Superior flexibility to -55°C (-67°F)
  • Class K fine stranded copper construction
  • Resists oil, grease, chemicals, abrasion
  • Sunlight and weather resistant
  • Flame retardant (VW-1)
  • UL Recognized and CSA Approved
  • Environmentally safe
  • Made in the USA
  • 4/0 AWG
  • Class K Copper Stranding (2109/30)
  • .530" Conductor Outside Diameter
  • .085" Insulation Thickness
  • .710" Finished Outside Diameter
  • Ampacity at 30°C (86°F)*: 440A
  • Ampacity at 40°C (104°F)*: 411A
  • UL 508A Industrial control panels
  • Internal appliance and equipment wiring
  • Inverter cables and wiring
  • Industrial machines and robotics
  • Construction equipment
  • Marine, RV and automotive wiring
  • Medium and heavy-duty trucks and trailers
  • Load banks, motor leads, welding cable
  • Forklifts and golf carts
  • Batteries and chargers
  • Power hookup cable
Insulation Properties Test Method Performance
Specific Gravity (±.02) ASTM D-792 1.30
Durometer Shore 'A'
(±.02) INST./15 seconds
ASTM D-2240 77/65
Tensile Strength (60 mil) ASTM D-412 2000
Elongation % ASTM D-412 300
Brittle Point (C) ASTM D-746 -55°C
Oxygen Index % ASTM D-2863 25.0
Oil Aged 18 Hours @ 121°C
% Retention of Tensiles
% Retention of Elongation

UL Standard
UL Standard

Air Aged 7 Days @ 136°C
% Retention of Tensiles
% Retention of Elongation

ASTM D412-80
ASTM D412-80

Oil Aged 7 Days @ 60°C
% Retention of Tensiles
% Retention of Elongation

ASTM D412-80
ASTM D412-80

VW-1 Flame Test UL Standard Pass
Product Cold Bend Test UL Standard Pass
Voltage Rating UL Standard 600


*Ampacities of 600V and 1000V 105°C AWM wires in air. Ampacities based on single conductor in free air, 30°C or 40°C ambient temperature as specified, 105°C conductor temperature, per NEC table 310-17 (adjusted for 105°C). Free air ratings assume a one-cable-diameter space between adjacent conductors.