AIMS Power Dual Sensing Smart Battery Isolator 300 Amp

The AIMS Power battery isolator primarily monitors the main starter battery voltage. Once either battery voltage reaches 13.2 volts, the solenoid automatically connects the auxiliary battery to the charging system.• A safe way to charge your auxiliary battery while driving

• No need to tie to ignition, save installation time

• Ability to use an external charging device to charge main battery through aux battery

• Cost-effective protection against a flat start battery

• The Smart Battery Isolator monitors both battery voltages

**The optional Smart Switch allows for manual control linking the two batteries together with a push of a button. The isolator will manually operate allowing current to flow for 60 seconds without the alternator even if both batteries are below 12.7V.

System Voltage- 12V

Auto-On Voltage- >13.2V

Auto-Off Voltage- 12.7V

Turn On Delay- 5 Seconds

Turn Off Delay- 10 Seconds

Max Continuous Current- 300A

Standby Current- <5mA

IP65 Splash Proof