Atkinson Electronics GSCM-Wifi

The Generator Start Control Module-Wifi (GSCM-Wifi) is a fully configurable micro-processor based generator start controller that is designed to auto start and stop gas or propane generators. The GSCM-Wifi is able to broadcast a Wireless 2.4GHz Wifi network that can be connected to with a phone or tablet in order to change the configuration settings. It supports three types of 3 or 4 wire gas-generator control:  momentary, maintained or key ignition.  It automatically disconnects the starter when a minimum generator AC Hz output is measured.  It has a adjustable crank time and over and under frequency shut down.  The GSCM-Wifi is powered by 12 volts DC from the generator battery and can monitor the battery voltage and start the generator to charge its own battery. The GSCM-Wifi uses the generator AC output to know when the generator has stated and is running. The GSCM-Wifi also includes a third relay contact that can be configured to do one of several functions. Some of the functions available are a glow-plug start timer, acting as a generator power switch, a manual choke control, generator priming control, and a load control(by way of external load transfer switch)

Size- 5.5" x 3.25" x 2"

Weight- 8oz

Temperature Range- -40°F - 185°

Power- 9 - 15V DC

Quiescent Current- 

  •  10mA when idle and Wifi are off
  • 22-50mA with Wifi on
  • 45mA per Relay

Single Input (terminal 4)- 12V DC

Battery Input (terminal 3)- 6 - 60V DC

DC Feedback (terminal 5)- 12V DC

AC Hz Input (terminal 6 & 7)- 24 - 220V AC, 0 - 100Hz

Relay Contacts- 24V DC max, 10 Amp max