Fortress Power DuraRack-Indoor / Outdoor

Expand your energy storage with the Fortress Power DuraRack. This iron enclosure stores up to 4 eFlex 5.4kWh batteries, and is expandable up to 4 units (15 eFlex batteries, 81KWh). The DuraRack includes integrated busbars and a DIN rail heater mount. This enclosure can be free-standing or pad mounted and is safe for indoor and outdoor installations.

Enclosure Material- Carbon Steel

Enclosure Protection- IP65 water and dust proven (outdoor)

Enclosure Color- White

Dimensions (W x H x D)- 29.9 x 41.34 x 18.03in

Enclosure Weight- 153.2lbs

Maximum Battery Units- 4 eFlex 5.4

Storage Capacity Range- 5.4kWh- 21.6kWh per unit

Max. Storage Capacity- 81 kWh (4 unites in parallel)

Knockout Size- 1 inch & 2 inches

Positive and Negative Battery Busbars- 2 x 4 points; M8 (5/16) Terminal Rings

Positive and Negative Busbars to Inverter- 2 points; m10 (3/8) Terminal Rings

Battery Cables- 4 Sets

Terminal Torque- 7.0-7.7 Nm (5.1-5.7ft-lb)

Enclosure Warranty- 3 Years

Certifications- UL9540, UL9540A, UL 1973, CEC, SGIP