VMAX LFP27-12100XTR LiFePO4 Li-Iron 12V 100Ah Dual Purpose Battery

VMAX LFP batteries contain high quality cells, components, and a BMS that is custom designed to give you the following:

  • High performance long life
  • Safe and wide temperature range
  • High energy density, small size, light weight, and no pollution
  • High efficiency
  • Fast charging
  • Built-in BMS offering voltage, current, and temperature protection
  • Standard battery case for easy battery replacement
  • Stable performance, maintenance-free, and 10 years design life
  • 5 year pro-rated warranty
  • Nominal Voltage:  12.8V
  • 20Hr Capacity:  100AH
  • Terminal Posts:  M8 Screw In (5/16")
  • Dimensions:  12" x 6.7" x 8.2" (L x W x H)
  • Weight:  25.3lb
  • Charging Current:  15A-50A (Best at 20A)
  • Charging Voltage:  14.4V-14.6V (Absorb and Float)
  • Group Size:  27
Parallel wiring is acceptable for up to FOUR batteries.  Series wiring is acceptable for up to FOUR batteries.