MAGNUM ME-ARC50 Advanced Digital Remote (LCD) with 50 Foot Cable

The MAGNUM ME-ARC50 Digital LCD Remote with 50' cable has advanced features that the ME-RC50 does not have. It allows for a full setup of all of the features of compatible MAGNUM inverters. It is compatible with many of the MAGNUM Inverters and Auto Gen Start Module. It also has a 1 year Warranty!

  • Large LCD screen
  • Quick Access Menus Via a dial
  • Programmable readings
  • Non-volatile memory
  • Favs button for storing your favorite setup menus
  • Basic control of Magnum Energy brand inverter/chargers
  • Working with the ME-AGS-N Auto Gen Start, the ME-ARC provides advanced control of generators 
  • Battery monitoring control when paired with the ME-BMK
  • Battery Profile Presets: If using the ME-ARC Remote Control with MS  Series, MSH-M Series, MSH-RV Series, or MMS Series inverter/chargers, easily choose from and set standard battery profiles, including Gel, Flooded, AGM1, and AGM2

The ME-ARC works with:

  • ME Series
  • MM Series
  • MM-AE Series
  • MM-E Series
  • MMS Series
  • MMS-E Series
  • MS Series
  • MSH-M Series
  • MSH-RE Series
  • MSH-RV Series
  • MS-AEJ Series
  • MS-E Series
  • MS-PAE Series 
  • MS-PE Series
  • RD Seies
  • RD-E Series