Midnite Solar Rosie E-Panel

The Rosie E-Panel is an AC and DC enclosure offering over-current protection (OCP) and disconnects for AC IN, AC OUT, and battery bank. The E-Panel is designed specifically for the Midnite Solar MNROSIE7048 inverter/charger but may be used with any 120/240VAC inverter at 60A AC IN and OUT and 65VDC/100A out

  • Terminal block to attach optional MidNite Solar Surge Protection Devices
  • Styled to match the MNROSIE7048 inverter/charger
  • 80VDC, 300A, battery positive circuit breaker
  • 60A AC IN and AC OUT circuit breakers
  • 60A AC Bypass circuit
  • Breaker assembly
  • Optional backplate for mounting
  • Ground busbar
  • Listed to UL1741