Midnite Solar ROSIE Inverter Charger

Inverter AC Output

Output Power (continuous) at 25°C- 7000VA

Overload 30 Min Sec at 25°C- 8400VA

Output Power (continuous) at 40°C- 6000VA

Maximum Output Current 60 Seconds (rms)- 60A

Maximum Surge- 15,000VA

Output Frequency/Voltage- 60Hz/Output voltage 120 or 120/240VAC

Total Harmonic Distortion at Rated Power- <5%

Consumption- 30 Watts without search and 7 watts with search

Input DC Voltage Range- 40-65DC

Charger DC Output

Maximum Output Charge Current- 120 Amps

Charge Control- Two or Three Stage Charging

Charge Temperature Compensation- Yes, BTS Included

Power Factor Corrected Charging- Yes

Compatible Battery Types- Flooded, Lithium, AGM, Gel and others

AC Input

AC 1 Input Current- 60 Amp Transfer Relay Internal

Typical Transfer Time- NOT APPLICABLE, Loads are Always Powered, AC In is opened or closed

AC Input Voltage Limits- 82-140VAC

AC Input Frequency Range- 48-72 Hz

Grid/Generator Support- Yes


Full Output Power- 95%

General Specs

Part number- MNROSIE7048RE and MNROSIE7078M

Product/Shipping Weight- 43/48 Pounds

Product Dimensions in INCHES (W x L x D)-  13-15/16 W x 20-9/16L x 8D

IP Degree of Protection- NEMA Type 1 Indoor Rated

Operating Ambient Temperature Range- -20°C-60°C

  • System Monitoring- Future Communications Box
  • Remote Battery Voltage Sense
  • Intelligent Features- Peak Load Shave, Grid or Generator Support, Self Consumption and UPS
  • Auxiliary Port- 2 Ports that supply 200mA at 12VDC
  • Regulatory Approval Safety- UL1741, CSA 107.1 and UL458
  • Accessories- Rosie E-Panel, MNGP2 Display, MNHAWKE"S Bay, MNBCLNA

NOTE! MNROSIE7048RE is for home/office, MNROSIE7048M is for RV/Marine