Epoch 12V 120Ah Cranking and Deep Cycle Lithium Battery

  • LiFePO4 Chemistry
  • Cranking Starter Battery ~ 1100 CCA ~ Compatible with all outboard motors up to 250hp
  • Cranking Battery - 800A @ 10s (SOC>60%), 800A @ 5s (SOC<60%), 600A @ 10s
  • Adjustable High Voltage Cutoff via Epoch Pro App - 14.6V to 15.4V
  • Peak charge acceptance 165A max for one minute
  • Deep Cycle Battery -150A Max Continuous Discharge
  • HEATED - Internal heating allows for charging in sub-zero conditions
  • BLUETOOTH - iOS and Android Apps
  • BLUETOOTH - Over the air Firmware update via the app
  • Victron Comms - CANBus entire string of batteries to Victron Cerbo GX
  • Closed Loop Communications
  • External Battery Gauge - Touch Screen (Optional)
  • IP67 Rated, Dust and WATERPROOF
  • Over charge and over discharge protection
  • Over current and short circuit protection
  • High & low temperature disconnects
  • Max (4) in Series up to 48V
  • Max (16) in Parallel
  • 6000+ Cycle life & Maintenance-free
  • 11 Year Manufacturer Warranty


Cell Configuration- 4S4P

Chemistry- LiFePO4


Ah Capacity- 120Ah

Max Continuous Discharge Amps- 150Ah

Max Charge Current Amps- 100Ah

Max Discharge Peak Current Amps- 800A @ 10s

Series | Parallel- Max (4) in Series, Max (16) in Parallel


Voltage- 12.8V

Max Charge Voltage- 15.4V

Operating Voltage Range- 10.0 - 15.4V


Charge Temp Range- -4°F - 131°F

Discharge Temp Range- -4°F - 140°F

Storage Temp- 32°F - 95°F


Weight- 29.7lbs

LxWxH- 12.1" x 8.3" x 6.6"