Sterling Power DC To DC Battery To Battery Chargers

Input Voltage Range- 9V - 16V

Continuous Rated Output Power- 24A at 14.41 - 345W

Continuous Rated Input Current- 26A at 13.68V - 355W

Quiescent Current- 5mA

Efficiency Rating- 98%

Self Recovering Protections: Under Voltage Protection

  • Input Over Voltage Protection
  • Output Over Voltage Protection
  • Over Current Protection
  • Charge Over Temperature

Operational Temperature- -20°C -> 60°C

Approval- CE| UKCA

E-Marketing 24*10R06/01*3789*00

Cooling Method- Thermostatically Controlled 

Dimensions- 120mm x 130mm x 56mm

Weight- 0.6Kg