Victron Energy BMV-702 Battery Monitor

Victron Energy BMV-702 Battery Monitor


The BMV-700 series displays voltage, current, ampere-hours consumed, state of charge, time to go, and power consumption in Watts. The BMV-702 features an additional input which can be programmed to measure the voltage, temperature and midpoint voltage of a second battery.

You can use the quick install menu, detailed setup menu or  download the smartphone app (Bluetooth Smart dongle is sold separately)

The midpoint voltage alarm can help prevent severe damage to an expensive battery.

Victron Energy BMV-702 Battery Monitor Features:

  • Displays Battery current, voltage, state of charge and ampere-hours consumed
  • Programmable alarm that is visual and audible
  • Displays time remaining at current rate of discharge
  • 9.5 - 95V Input Range
  • High resolution for current measurement: 10mA (0.01A) 
  • Flush Mount Installation
  • 500A / 50mV Shunt is included
  • Ability to measure temperature, volrage, midpoint voltage, alarm and relay settings for a second battery
  • 10 meter 6 core UTP with RJ12 connectors, and cable with fuse for ‘+’ connection cables are included
  • Can be programmed and monitored via Smartphone App using Bluetooth Dongle (sold separately)
  • Temperature Sensor is Optional (ASS000100000)

Victron Energy BMV-702 Battery Monitor Specifications:

  • Supply Voltage Range: 6.5 - 95 VDC
  • Current Draw (Back Light Off): < 4mA
  • Battery Capacity: 20 - 9999 Ah
  • Operating Temperature Range: -40 +50°C (-40 - 120°F)
  • Measures Voltage / Temperature / Midpoint of Second Battery: Yes
  • Temperature Measurement Range: -20 +50°C
  • VE Direct Communication Port: Yes
  • Relay: 60V / 1A normally open (function can be inverted)
  • Front Diameter: 63mm
  • Front Bezel: 69 x 69mm (2.7 x 2.7 inch)
  • Body Diameter: 52mm (2.0 inch)
  • Body Depth: 31mm (1.2 inch)
  • Manufacturer: Victron Energy

Victron Energy BMV-702 Battery Monitor Standards:

  • Safety: EN 60335-1
  • Emission / Immunity : EN 55014-1 / EN 55014-2
  • Automotive: ECE R10-4 / EN 50498