Victron Energy Cerbo GX Communication Centre

The Victron Energy Cerbo GX is the all new communication-centre of your installation. Like the Color Control GX, you can control and monitor your entire system through the VRM Portal.  But unlike the Color Control GX, WiFi and Bluetooth are now built in features!!  The Victron Energy Cerbo GX also has more VE.Direct ports, USB ports and a whole host of other features.

Paired with the Victron Energy GX Touch 50, you get a beautiful, touch screen screen experience.

  • Number of VE.Direct Ports:  3
  • Number of USB Ports:  3
  • Number of VE.Bus Ports:  2
  • Number of VE.Can Ports:  2 (non-isolated)
  • WiFi:  Built in
  • Bluetooth:  Built in
  • Dual Core CPU with 1GB of RAM
  • Supply Voltage Range: 8V - 70V DC
  • Mounting:  Wall Mount or 35mm DIN Rail
  • Dimensions (h x w x d):
    • 3.07" x 6.06" x 1.89"
    • 78mm x 154mm x 48mm
  • Operating Temperature: 
    • -4°F to 122°F
    • -20°C to 50°C