VMAX LFP12300BH LiFePO4 Li-Iron 12V 300Ah Battery W/200A BMS/ LED Display/ BT/ Heater

 The Vmax LFP12300BH operates at 12 volts DC, lithium battery makes it a suitable replacement for many 12V lead-acid batteries commonly used in various applications. At 300Ah capacity and has a LED indicator to show battery status. It is also Bluetooth Connectivity enabling you to monitor the battery use a app on your phone.

Nominal Voltage- 12.8V

Rated Capacity (20Ah @ 25C)- 300Ah

Rated Energy- 3840Wh

Output Voltage Range- 10.0V - 14.6V

Charging Voltage- 14.4V - 14.6V (CC-CV)

Cut-Off Voltage- 10.0V

Max. Constant Charging Current- 200A

Charging Current- 30A - 200A (Best @ 80A - 150A)

Recommended Charger Type- CC - CV until current <15A (0.05C)

Max. Constant Discharge Current- 200A

Max. Constant 3Sec Discharge Current- 400A 

Charging Temperature- 32°F - 113°F

Discharge Temperature- -4°F - 130°F

Storage Temperature- -32°F - 86°F @ 40% - 60% SOC

Efficiency- >98%

Built-in BMS- Yes

Over-Charge Voltage Protection- Module >14.8V, Cell > 3.7V

Over-Discharge Voltage Protection- Module <10.0V, Cell < 2.5V

Over-Charge Current Protection- >220A W/1sec delay

Over-Discharge Current Protection- >440A W/1sec delay

Short Circuit Protection- Yes

Cell Balance- Passive, 150mA

Over-Temperature Protection- Charging- 32°F > 150°F

Over-Temperature Protection-Discharging- -4°F >150°F

Cycle Life @ 80% DOD- 4000 @ 50A, >2000 @ 100A, 77°F

Design Life- 10 Years

Battery Case Material- ABS

Dimensions LxWxH- 20.6" x 9.4" x 8.7"

Terminals- M8 screw in (5/16")

Weight- 77lbs

VMAX LFP battery modules consist of high-quality cells, components and a custom designed BMS giving them many advantages including-  

  • Built-in Bluetooth for easy monitoring of SOC, SOH, and more through mobile phone app.
  • Built-in self-heating pads powered by charger, for safe charging at freezing temperatures.
  • High performance long life, safe and wide temperature range LFP single cell.
  • High energy density, small size, light weight, no pollution.
  • Standard battery case for an easy VRLA battery replacement.
  • 10 year design life, stable performance, maintenance-free

Recommended Charging Options-

  • Use a VMAX AGM charger or a LiFePO4 Smart & Microprocessor controlled charger with the recommended specs above.
  • >15V alternator if used in vehicle or marine application.
  • Compatible Lithium Charge controller if used in solar applications.
  • Charge at Max Charging current only in situations when fastest charging rate is needed. Not recommended on an ongoing basis.
  • DO NOT recondition LiFePO4 batteries.

VMAX Charging Time For A Fully Discharged 300Ah Battery

Vmax Charger Model # EST. Charging Time (Hours)
VBC1230LFP 10
VBC1240LFP 7.5


Recommended Users- 

Trolling motors, Solar Power backup, UPS, Portable devices, Medical cart applications, Camping, Trailers, Boats, and most deep cycle applications. 

NOT RECOMMENDED for engine start applications.

Parallel wiring is acceptable for up to Four batteries.

Series wiring is acceptable for up to Four batteries.