VMAX SLR100 12Volts, 100AH Deep Cycle, Solar AGM Battery.

The Vmaxtanks SLR100 is a deep cycle AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) battery designed for various applications including solar power systems, RVs, marine use, and more. SLR100 is an AGM battery, which means it uses an absorbent glass mat as a separator between the battery plates. This design helps to immobilize the electrolyte and make the battery maintenance-free. The SLR100 is designed for deep cycle applications. This means it can handle being discharged and recharged repeatedly without significant damage to its lifespan or performance. AGM batteries are sealed and require little to no maintenance compared to traditional flooded lead-acid batteries.

Nominal Voltage:  12V

20Hr Capacity:  100AH

RC (min):  220

Energy (KWH):  1.350

Terminal Posts:  8mm (included)

Dimensions:  12.1"w x 6.7"d x 8.2"h

Weight:  68lb

Charging Current:  7A-30A

Charging Voltage:  14.4-14.9V

Float Voltage:  13.5V-13.8V

Group Size:  27