VMAX VAA-4 High Drain Rechargeable 4 AA NiZn Batteries With Charger


Nominal Voltage- 1.6V

Capacity- 2500mWh

Discharge Current- 0.1A - 2A

Size- AA

Weight- 4.50oz

Charging Current- 0.1A - 0.3A

Charging Voltage- 1.88V

Charger Input- USB 5V


Use only NiZn AA chargers (charger included).

Included VMAXTANKS charger is designed to recharge ONLY AA and AAA NiZn batteries.

Do NOT use with any other type of batteries. 

Charger LEDs Status-

  • RED when charging
  • GREEN when fully charged then OFF or auto-off in 9 hours.

VMAX NiZn Batteries Offer-

  • Long lasting over 1200 cycles.
  • High voltage current and energy
  • Safe and non-hazardous composition
  • Wide operating temperature range (-40° - 176°F)

High Voltage- Get long lasting power for your devices with VMAX Ni-Zn Rechargeable Batteries. VMAX batteries are designed to deliver higher voltage and energy storage capacity when compared to traditional Ni-MH or alkaline batteries (1.2V and 1.5V respectively), making them an excellent choice for devices that require a significant amount of power to operate effectively. 

Long Lasting Energy Storage- VMAX Ni-Zn rechargeable batteries allow you to use your devices longer without the need for frequent replacement or recharge. giving you peace of mind with every use.

1200 Cycles- With a long lifespan of up to 1,200 battery cycles, VMAX batteries are reliable and built to last! Perfect for flashlights, digital cameras, RC cars and other power sources that require a higher voltage than most alkaline AA or AAA cells.

Safe & Non-Hazardous- Safety is key when it comes to batteries! VMAX Ni-Zn are safe and non-hazardous, so you can trust that they will provide reliable power without compromising safety.

Wide Operating Temperature Range- Whether used in the freezing cold or scorching heat, VMAX batteries perform consistently. With an impressive operating temperature range of -404F to 176°F these batteries are built to withstand extreme conditions, making them a reliable choice for outdoor equipment and devices.

Includes Charger- An eco-friendly choice made easy! Recharge and reuse these batteries with an included charger, saving money in the long run and contributing to a more sustainable environment by reducing waste.