VMAX VAAA-4 High Drain Rechargeable 4 AAA Ni Zn Batteries with Charger


Nominal Voltage- 1.6V

Capacity- 900mV/Wh

Discharge Current- 0.1A - 2A

Size- AAA

Weight- 4oz

Charging Current- 0.1A - 0.3A

Charging Voltage- 1.88V

Charger Input- USB 5V


Use only NiZn AAA chargers (charger included).

Included VMAXTANKS charger is designed to recharge ONLY AA and AAA NiZn batteries.

Do Not us with any other type of batteries.

Charger LEDs Status-

  • RED when charging
  • GREEN when fully charged then OFF or auto-off in 9 hours.

 VMAX NiZn Batteries Offer-

  • Long lasting over 1200 cycles
  • High voltage, current energy
  • Safe and non-hazardous composition
  • Wide operating temperature range -40°F - 176°F