Lead-Acid and AGM Deep Cycle Batteries

Lead-Acid and AGM batteries are deep-cycle batteries that are designed for continuous discharge / charging cycles and are used for long-term energy delivery. Due to their benefits, they are commonly used as solar batteries for home, marine, RV and electric vehicle applications.  In regards to deep cycle batteries used for these applications, Lead-Acid and AGM are typically the less expensive options when it comes to upfront cost.

Flooded lead-acid deep-cycle batteries are usually the least expensive and have been tried and true through the decades that they have been around.  These batteries do require maintenance.  The water/electrolyte levels do need to be checked on a regular basis.  The battery compartment in which these batteries are present will need to be properly vented due the gassing from the batteries.  

AGM batteries come at a higher price, but they do not require maintenance.  There is no need for venting or checking the electrolyte levels. If you are not prone to checking your batteries regularly, this may be the better option for you.

Each option has benefits and drawbacks when it comes to ongoing maintenance, cost and scope of application.  Continuous Resources, LLC has both options available so that you can choose the one best fitted to your application and budget.